CPAWILD’s general conditions of use

  1. Objetive

The CPAWild Mobile S.L’s objective is to manage advertising spaces by means of various software systems. CPAWild MOBILE S.L manages both marketing campaigns and advertising, through its web site

  1. Conditions of access and use

When you start browsing by means of any physical or digital device, through the website of CPAWild MOBILE SL, you acquire the status of USER of the website and you are subject to the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE WEBSITE in the version that the website has at the moment.

CPAWild MOBILE S.L agrees with its users to keep updated this document of GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE WEBSITE and to keep it accessible for all its users. Meanwhile, the USER undertakes to make an exclusive personal and private use of any material that the website offers to its users.

The use of any content, image, file, distinctive signs or element that may be associated with the mark is strictly prohibited without the express authorization of CPAWild MOBILE S.L

CPAWild MOBILE S.L is not responsible for the use of any element previously described in the development of any activity contrary to laws, morals or public order by users or third parties.

CPAWild MOBILE S.L in its eagerness to offer its users the best browsing experience, as well as improving its services can modify any element of its web site at any time, without prior notice. If you do not agree with the changes, we beg you to leave the website, as navigation through it implies the tacit acceptance of the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE WEBSITE, notwithstanding the possibility of future application of particular conditions of use of the site Web.

CPAWild MOBILE S.L applies security systems that at any time may be considered more appropriate to prevent misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of data and information. Our security system ensures quality and safety navigation by the user, notwithstanding the previous, CPAWild MOBILE SL is not responsible for the misuse of any of its means and informs the users that it is their obligation to watch over the security of each one of their devices and the use of the systems that at any moment the user deems appropriate to maintain its security. CPAWild MOBILE S.L is not responsible for the consequences that the misuse of your website may produce.

CPAWild MOBILE S.L through its website can offer its users public access to forums or opinion spaces. In no case shall CPAWild MOBILE S.L be responsible for the opinions expressed by users in those forums or opinion spaces. It is expressly prohibited the use of such forums for purposes contraries to law, morality or public order. Therefore CPAWild MOBILE S.L may cancel, limit or prohibit access to its website to users who do not respect such prohibitions, besides of taking legal action that we deem appropriate.

CPAWild MOBILE S.L by means of its website manages advertising and marketing services with affiliates. These services are provide through this platform and by them their affiliates are subject to the present GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE WEBSITE. Affiliates accept a contractual relationship with the merchant CPAWild MOBILE S.L, who acts as an intermediary between affiliates and companies.

Affiliates undertake to inform CPAWild MOBILE S.L of any comments or requirements that may arise during the campaign process. The technique of “puenteo” between affiliates and companies to which CPAWild MOBILE S.L manages advertising campaigns or marketing campaigns is expressly forbidden. Should this occur, CPAWild MOBILE S.L reserves the right to terminate the contract with the affiliate, as well as to initiate appropriate legal action against the affiliate for the damages caused.

Users and affiliates, by accepting the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE WEBSITE, waive any private jurisdiction. For the resolution of any conflicts that may arise from the interpretation of these GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE WEBSITE, as well as with the products or services of this web site, it will be subject to the Spanish Law and its tribunals, unless the consumer and user protection rules consider the application of another jurisdiction.

Both users and affiliates agree to submit to the Jurisdiction of Judges and Tribunals of the city of Madrid – registered office of the company CPAWild MOBILE S.L, or any other jurisdiction whose applicability could be imposed by the rules of protection of consumers and users.

3. Legal Information related to and its mercantile form CPAWild MOBILE S.L

We provide information about the following aspects, in pursuance of 34/2002 law, July 11th, from Services of the Society of Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE, derived from the name “Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico”):

Site’s name: CPAWild (web site:, web site’s holder: CPAWild MOBILE S.L (CIF: B-70358353) Registered office: Rúa Alejandro Pérez Lugín, 5 2 A, 15174 Culleredo, A Coruña

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